Information at Your Fingertips

SocialScout’s advanced Parental Intelligence System will notify you if inappropriate, dangerous or suspicious behaviors or people are identified in your child’s digital world, allowing you to take proactive measures to ensure your child’s safety. The system allows you to configure your real-time notifications so that you receive alerts about every potentially risky situation we identify or only specific notification types. Sign up now, and enter the social networking websites your child is using, and/or install a mobile application on your child’s iPhone or Google Android mobile phone. In just a few minutes, you will be a much better place to help protect your child’s online privacy and their reputation.

You will know:

  • Who their online friends are and will have the ability to view new friend requests
  • What is being posted about your child
  • How and when your child is using technology
  • Review text messages, pictures and applications installed on your child’s phone (features vary by phone type)

In addition, by using a simple mobile phone application, you can have greater visibility into how your child is using their iPhone or Android mobile phone, as well as see their location. You can even schedule recurring or one-time check-ins or be alerted when you child arrives as places of interest.

SocialScout allows you not only to monitor their well-being but gives you the opportunity to help guide your children and uphold their reputation.