Q:  What is SocialScout and how can it help me?

A:  SocialScout is an easy-to-use parenting tool specifically created for parents’ of children between the ages of 9 and 17.  SocialScout allows you to monitor your child’s online social networking sites and mobile phone usage to remain proactive and decide when, if at all, to intervene.  SocialScout works regardless of how your child accesses their social networking sites (smart-phone, home computer, friend’s computer, etc.). Click here for more details.

Q:  Does SocialScout alert me to possible risky activities my child might be exposed to?

A: Yes, SocialScout will alert you on a secure dashboard or via daily emails when we identify any inappropriate, dangerous or suspicious behaviors or contacts associated with your child’s social networking accounts or when there is questionable activity on their mobile phone. Click here for more details.

Q:  What does SocialScout track and which mobile phones are supported?

A:  The SocialScout platform monitors your child’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.  With the SocialScout platform, you can view what your child posts, what others post about your child, and see their online friends.   Additionally, you can see mobile activity such as the number of calls, texts, pictures on the phone and location if they use an iPhone or a Google Android mobile phone. Click here for more details.

Q:  Does SocialScout track frequency, time of day, and phone numbers that my child receives or sends calls or texts to and from?

A: Yes, with SocialScout you can easily see the number of calls or texts, time of day these occurred, and what numbers that your child communicates with on the secure dashboard. Click here for more details.

Q:  Does SocialScout monitor my child’s location?

A: Yes, with SocialScout you can use your child’s phone to help identify your child’s last known place by keeping track of their location, schedule recurring or one-time “checks-in” and even set up geo-fences so that you are alerted when they arrive or depart a place of interest. Click here for more details.

Q: Does SocialScout help me understand my child’s text language?

A: Yes, SocialScout will identify common text lingo and provide the definition so you can easily understand. An example text message might be: “Shld we MIRL?” SocialScout will provide the definition of the word or phrase simply by scrolling over the text.  In this example SocialScout will translate MIRL as Meet in Real Life! Click here for more details.

Q:  Do I need to install software on my computer to log into SocialScout?

A:  No, SocialScout is accessible from any computer that has access to the internet.  The set up and login are as easy as creating an account and telling us what social networking sites your child use.  SocialScout will begin to monitor the sites and friends regardless of how your child accesses the sites. Click here for more details.
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