Features and Benefits


SocialScout gives you a way to know when and how your child is using social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with whom they are communicating, and even what they and their “friends” are posting and sharing online. We’ll connect you to this digital world regardless of what computer, phone or Internet-accessible device they use to go online. Click here for more details.

Activity Reports, Contacts and Live Feeds

An easy-to-understand interface provides a bird’s-eye view into your child’s digital world including details about their Contacts and the content of their text messages and online posts and messages. Activity Reports can even be sent to you by email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Click here for more details.

Text-lingo Translation

Automatic translation of thousands of text-lingo and slang terms being used by kids online and on their mobile phone. Click here for more details.

Integration with iPhone and Android Mobile Phones†

Know when and how your child is using their iPhone or Google Android mobile phone and with whom they are communicating. You’ll even have access to what they are texting. Click here for more details.

Real-time Parental Notifications

Receive email and text message alerts when we identify any inappropriate, dangerous or suspicious behaviors or Contacts associated with your child’s social networking accounts or questionable activity on their mobile phone. SocialScout allows you to configure your real-time notifications so that you receive alerts about every potentially risky situation we identify or only specific notification types. Options include: Possible Sexual Content, Possible Threatening Language, Possible Profanity, Possible Solicitation and more. You can even elect to be notified when a specific person you want to keep an eye on interacts with your child. Click here for more details.

Family Locator

This provides peace of mind by enabling you to conveniently locate your child from any computer and to know that your family’s information is secure and private. Click here for more details.


† Visit http://support.mysocialscout.net/forums for more details.